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Paid Subscribers May Join Our Zoom Forums

ESNU recruits members who are committed to governing with empathy for and responsibility to humanity. Our Zoom Forum members are part of our community of practice dedicated to governing with empathy more effectively. At each Zoom Forum, we practice applying the brain insights of cognitive scientist George Lakoff’s books to our personal or organizational moral and political discourse. Here’s a link to our Zoom Forum Schedule. Both free and paid subscribers may download framing guides entitled Pro-Empathy Freedom Framing Toolkit and Lakoff’s Words to Use to Frame Our Solution.

Why Join Our Zoom Forums?

Empathy Surplus Network USA Zoom Forum members aspire to make ESNU a progressive educational alternative to conservative forums like ALEC, which teaches state legislators how to govern with no empathy or mutual responsibility. Our membership dues of $10/month are a token of one’s commitment to govern with empathy for and responsibility to humanity. Members receive a login email address in the following format

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Chuck Watts at Empathy Surplus

After serving on George Lakoff's Rockridge Nation board, I founded Empathy Surplus Network USA. A paid subscription benefits the organization, allows you to make a public comment, and makes Empathy Surplus Zoom Forum membership possible.